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Brawl Stars Tips

Brawl Stars is a real-time, strategy and freemium mobile video game coming straight from the studious of renowned producers Supercell. Developed, designed and published by the acclaimed producers on June 14, 2017, the game got an iOS soft advent in the app store of Canada the next day. It’s still awaiting a release on Android devices in many countries. As far as the gameplay is concerned, players in Brawl Stars are ranked by total trophies and level. They collect brawlers and choose one for using each game. You have the brawl stars hack to make your gaming smoother and on course. Obtaining resources of coins and gems have never been this easy.

Focusing on the game-play

Unlike Clash Royale cards, brawlers come in 6 different rarity types.

  • These are common, epic, rare, ultra-rare, legendary and mythical. You’ve 18 brawlers in the circuit right now and only among them are legendaries.
  • You will get brawlers from those brawl boxes, which you can buy for 10 gems and 100 coins. You can also purchase special boxes for those gems.
  • The best thing will be to use the brawl stars cheats to get those boxes for free and fast. Players can also join bands for playing alongside co-players. You can play the game in five modes; Bounty, Smash and Grab, brawl ball, Showdown and Heist.

On the currency

Currently, there are four currencies in the game.

  • These are Coins, elixir, gems and chips. You can use coins to purchase Brawl boxes containing elixirs or brawlers. If a player obtains the same brawler more than once from a box, the concerned player will instead get a chip, which can then be used for buying new brawlers.
  • You receive coins by entering brand new events, leveling up the brawlers, winning battles and eventually ranking up.
  • You use gems to buy coin boosters, brawl boxers and skins to decorate brawlers. You can use the brawl stars free gems generator to obtain all that for free.

Obtaining gems

In the original game, you can only obtain gems by buying them from the concerned in-game store with real money.

  • However, you can obtain an unlimited number of gems from the generator at no cost.
  • You can collect elixir from the brawl boxes and use them for upgrading brawlers.
  • You will find that it takes precisely 45 elixirs to max out a limited brawler completely.

The game modes

The first mode is Bounty. It’s a 3 versus 3 team death-match mode. Players try to kill enemy players of other teams. The more kill you have, the higher will be your bounty. But if you have a large bounty and get killed, your bounty will be passed on to the player who kills you. You need to remember that each team comprising three players is either blue or red; each every team spawns on their individual side of the game map. Heist is another mode that’s played with two squads of 3 players. One team entails safe containing crystals for defending and another team must break open the concerned safe within 2 minutes and 30 seconds by employing various strategies and attacks. a

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